The testing service is designed to process:


  1. Flat or rolled scans from fingerprint scanners.
  2. DPI of the scan must be indicated correctly - at least approximately. Scans of 250 dpi will not be processed, if you indicate 500 dpi.
  3. Consult us before using photo of a scan - it requires manual DPI indication.
Flat scan, 500 dpi
Rolled scan, 250 dpi
Painted or heavily cropped scans, photographed scans, images pre-processed with third-party SW or HW

Photographed images of a finger/fingers with visible fingerprints

  1. Obtained from Neurodactyl Mobile test app for contactless fingerprint capture.
  2. Self-Obtained with mobile phones.
  3. Fingerprints on images must be visible.
Hand is too far,
fingerprints are blurred or not visible
Photos of a finger or fingers with fingerprints
visible with the bare eye

Read image requirements on the next page for getting details.

For all non-standard use cases (photos of the scans, paintings, pre-processed with third-party software photographs, etc.) consult us via before testing.