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New modes of mobile capture SDK: two and four fingers

Different capturing modes – for 1, 2 or 4 fingers – are now available in our demo application in web. All modes have user-friendly design with fast capturing process.
Neurodactyl mobile capturing SDK and its demo app capture fingerprints contactlessly, have low requirements for mobile, output is provided as images with segmentation or without and generated scans (500 dpi). Smart focusing and image processing allow to get sharp images and scans for all fingers in any mode.
Using of different modes with more than one finger gives extreme accuracy of recognition with closed to zero error rate of both kinds. Recognition is confident enough for fintech application, where financial operations require extremely accurate user identification. As well as for a search against big databases with millions of enrollees for traditional law enforcement applications, which is now possible with just a mobile phone and requires no scanners.

If you want to test our mobile fingerprint capturing online, fill the form here or send us an email